Looking for toxic-free food packagings?

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Welcome – you have reached the home of Wraap Foodbags – invented by humans for humans!

Wraap Foodbags are a brand new – and “New to the World” invention, that has been patented by the danish inventor. Wraap Foodbags contains no endocrine disruptors, and are totally clean and ready to use. The Wraap foodbags does not preserve fat and grease, and therefore

Wraap Foodbags are very hygienic to use and is the solution of the future!

The Wraap Foodbags are available directly from our danish headquarter and a range of Scandinavian distributors/B2B resellers.

You can purchase the Wraap Foodbags in 10 different models. Our mainproduct – the Wraap Foodbags – are basically developed for keeping fresh prepared food hot and crunchy over time, but we have also developed 3 models for use with alutrays, and as an alternative to alufoil and plastic-film.

By using the Wraap Foodbags for alutrays, you save loads of time, loads of alufoil – and loads of film. And your customers can easily drag out the alutray when required, without getting greasy fingers.

Please download our brochure and contact us for further details, about how to purchase the good Wraap Foodbags. Feel free to contact us by email (sales@wraap.eu) or by telephone (+45) 36953311.

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Many Purposes

Wraap Foodbags are ready for many purposes.

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